ULTRAFAST Laser Safety
Eyewear that Works!

Let us introduce you to our line of ultrafast laser power absorbing mineral glass filters with Kentek’s superior scratch resistant Multiwave Coating.

Did you know industry experts and government agencies have completed studies that have raised this important issue and released a warning that your polymer dye-based absorbing Laser Protective Eyewear may not be adequate for Ultrafast or shorter pulsed lasers? Simply having a high OD or CE EN 207 Mode-lock or M rating may not be enough. Femtosecond and shorter pulsed lasers have high average power, often in the multi-Watt range, and can achieve peak powers with irradiance levels on the order TW/cm² to even PW/cm².
There are few reliable and appropriately tested femtosecond laser safety filters available today for laser eye protection. Kentek’s coated mineral glass filters are among the exceptional products chosen repeatedly by the most demanding laser users for their challenging applications.
The Kentek products are built for maximum laser safety. We start with world-class mineral glass; the base filters are selected for proven reliability, wavelength attenuation, and optical perfection. We add select layers of Multiwave protection, our high-energy thin metal films, to achieve additional targeted wavelength protection in narrow or broad bands depending on the application. With a Mohs hardness value of 9, the laser protection is virtually indestructible. The combination of mineral glass and the coatings yields a laser damage threshold unsurpassed by any products on the market today. The technology in laser eye protection from Kentek also yields excellent color recognition and improved light transmission values.
The lens edges are carefully crafted and the lenses are installed in a selection of frames to ensure comfort and impact resistance in addition to the laser safety. All Kentek laser safety eyewear meet ANSI Z87 for impact resistance and the laser requirements of ANSI Z136; select products meet CE EN 207 or CE EN 208. The Multiwave coatings exceed the ANSI and CE requirements of 30 degrees of angular protection for laser radiation.
For eye protection in environments with exposed ultrafast laser energy, particularly femtosecond applications, and for high power fiber lasers, Kentek highly recommends the user select a filter glass product, including filters which embody our standard-setting Multiwave technologies. We generally do not recommend polycarbonate type filters for high power because plastics tend to have lower damage thresholds than glass. Feel free to call our laser safety experts to discuss your needs.
Filter C120C
for Ultrafast Laser Applications
Kentek’s C120C coated filter is an excellent choice for femtosecond applications including Ti:Sapphire for industrial, medical and scientific environments. The C120C filter provides scratchproof laser safety, 40% visibility and protection levels up to OD 9 at select wavelengths. Choose from many frame styles to optimize safety level with the perfect fit. Meets ANSI Z136.1 and ANSI Z87 standards.
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